Case Study Houses

The Case Study House is the origine of project Atelier 5 -business units- in Utrecht. The simplicity of the building system which contains a steel construction, aluminium sandwich panels and folding doors for the facade brings flexibility in size and programm. Due to this the building time is short and the costs are kept low. According to the wishes of the client, units can be more or less insulated and provided with climate installations.

The Case Study Houses are easily transformed into an urban ensemble and gives an answer to the scale which lies between the issue of free-lots on which a single family house can be built and the urban block that forms the city. The Case Study Houses work on the scale of a single building as well as on an urban scale in different configurations and numbers.

Location: flexible

Program : Housing, ateliers, business units, shop

Area: flexible

Status: Design in 2016

Project Team : Freyke Hartemink, Jarrik Ouburg, Coralie Barthe