Mirror, Mirror

Amsterdam is experiencing a period of rapid growth and with the development of Sloterdijk-Centre, a new business and housing district located next to the busy Sloterdijk Station, the city boundaries move even more to the west. The underpass under the A10 connects the centre of Amsterdam with Sloterdijk-Centre and will be used by thousands of people every day on their way to work, school and back home. The team HOH / Children of the Light sees the underpass under the A10 highway as a new city gate, an urban connection.

The design emphasises the existing architecture of the underpass and dissolves it at the same time by cladding it with materials coming from the world of infrastructure: mirrors and retroreflectors. Mirroring panels on the ceiling and columns make the dark space lighter, more spacious and open. Retroreflective panels, used for example on traffic signs, illuminate in the evening through the light of cyclists, scooters and the tram and will provide a surprising experience. The design makes a static space dynamic and an everyday experience special. The cyclist, pedestrian and tram itself become part and subject of work, actor and spectator at the same time.

: Sloterdijk, Amsterdam, NL

Client: Municipality of Amsterdam

: Highway underpass

2.100 m2

Status: 1st Prize competition 
2017, completion in 2018

Project team: 
Children Of The Light, Freyke Hartemink, Carsten Hilgendorf,

Jarrik Ouburg, Diana Kuch, Giulio Tamma, Matteo Oldoni,