Atelier 5

A clear system of off-the-shelf products create a flexible construction with a strong identity ready to be adjusted to the users’ needs. The grid of the steel construction offers a strong and clear framework visible in the facade. The facade is constructed from closed aluminium sandwich panels on the first floor and horizontally folding aluminium doors on the ground floor and second floor. This results in a strong horizontally readable building. The simplicity in the choice of material and use of a single dark grey color stresses the strong character of the building in contrast with its surroundings.

The units can easily and separately be transformed into housing, business-units, ateliers or horeca according to the clients’ wishes by adding installations and insulation.

Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands

Client: Van Arragon Bouw BV

Program : Business units
Area: 625 m2
Status: Completed 2017

Project team: Freyke Hartemink, Coralie Barthe

Consultants: Van Roekel & Van Roekel ing.bureau voor civiele techniek