Chef’s Table

A chef-cook of a Michelin-star restaurant, would like to be able to invite people to dine in his kitchen. This kitchen should give people a sense of dining in his very own home. The already present fixed table hanging from the ceiling in the kitchen would be the perfect place.

The chic candle-lit orderly room created by the translucent plastic industrial curtains forms a contrast with the chaos and hardware of the kitchen. The curtains create four facades to the kitchen. Four views into the kitchen are constructed by choosing specific windows of transparancy that lead the eyes of the beholder to the spectacle in the kitchen. One curtain facade gives a view into the office of Chris, on the cooking books and the planning. The second curtain facade shows the continuation of the tiled floor and therefore the continuation of the space, towards the breakfast kitchen. The third facade gives a free and wide view onto the preparations in the kitchen and the fourth facade gives a peek into the weckpot storage.

The mirroring ceiling of the dining room visually creates a space that is twice as heigh as the surrounding ceiling of the kitchen.



Location : Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Client : Undisclosed
Program : Restaurant

Area : 9 m2

Status : Completed in 2018

Project team: Freyke Hartemink, Carsten Hilgendorf, Jarrik Ouburg, Emma Bellucci