‘t Japanse Winkeltje

The storefront of this Japanese shop in Amsterdam is composed of three consecutive translucent windowpanes. Out of the translucent panes circular holes are cut enabling one to look into the shop. In between the panes articles of the store are displayed. A conscious choice is made not to show the entire content of the small shop, but to focus on a few special objects, to seduce a passerby to enter.

From outside a visual play is encouraged between the visitor, the articles and the atmosphere of the shop. Once inside the shop the storefront functions as a filter between the tranquillity of the shop and the hectic street outside.

The style of the storefront is translated to the house style of the shop. Wrapping paper and packing box form the signature of the store.

Location: Amsterdam (NL)
Client: ‘t Japanse Winkeltje

Program: Store and house style

Area: 130 m2

Status: Design 2009

Project Team: Jarrik Ouburg