The Rembrandtuin is a small pavilion with a bar and restaurant in the Rembrandtpark in Amsterdam. The Rembrandtpark is similar in scale to the very popular and nearby Vondelpark. The new pavilion is part of a larger development to upgrade the Rembrandtpark and therefore relieving the pressure of the overcrowded Vondelpark by providing residents and visitors of Amsterdam an attractive alternative for relaxation and entertainment.


The pavilion has an autonomous shape, that of a triangle. A shape without front or back, but with an equal appearance to all sides. The pavilion is made up of three functional walls. One wall for the serving area with bar and restaurant, facing South with a view on a new bicycle bridge. This side creates a visual interaction between restaurant, terrace and the cyclists and pedestrians passing by. The North facing wall is dedicated to back of house functions including the kitchen, storage and toilets. The third wall completes the triangular pavilion and encloses two existing trees of the park within the center of the pavilion. The internal courtyard that is created is the counterpart of the extraverted terrace, designed as an intimate and informal place that provides a moment of quiet and reflection in a busy city.

Location: Rembrandtpark, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Client: De Vondeltuin

Program: Cafe, garden

Area: 650 m2

Status: Preliminary design

Project Team: Anouk Vogel Landscape Architecture, Freyke Hartemink, Carsten Hilgendorf, Jarrik Ouburg, Diana Kuch, Giulio Tamma, Matteo Oldoni, Emma Bellucci