The Black Glass House

House and Garden, hardware and software, two concepts that strengthen each other. Inside and outside become one experience by clearing the boundary between the two.

By the possibility to situate the house in the middle of the plot, a front and back garden is created which stresses the concept of a house and garden being one experience. The front garden is designed as a flower garden reacting on the seasons and mixed with timeless perenials. The back garden starts of like a lush garden and ends up into a vegetable and herbal garden. Terraces of different sizes and paths are covered with pebbles.

Budget materials and cultural experiences are mixed within the small space of the house which measures only 26m2 whilst the garden is 300m2. Due to the small surface of the house, this surface is treated as one loft-like space with a bathroom as a core in the middle. Lounching and sleeping are combined on elevated tatami-mats. All interior is treated as furniture in material combinations of greys, silver, smaragd green betonplex and browns in oak wood and leather. Extreme color comes from the garden and the cushions, blankets and carpets on the tatami-mats. The facades are mainly glass and by the flexible use of opening or closing silver curtains, we are able to orchestrate and control the views towards the inside as well as the outside. The construction of the house itself is based upon an aluminium greenhouse construction. By lifting the house the entrance to the house by stepping stones, is part of the walk through the garden. This gesture also protects the house from incoming rainwater and the fact that without piles underneath, the house is in fact sinking slowly.

: Ons Buiten, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Client: Private

: House and Garden

300 m2

Budget: 40.000 euro

Status: Completed in 2017

Project team: 
Freyke Hartemink, Giulio Tamma