An interior was discovered in Amsterdam-South with a great historical and architectural value. The original interior dates back to 1923 and was designed by Napoleon Le Grand in the style of the Amsterdam School. The decorated paneling, the velvet walls, the stained glass windows, the decorated furniture and the authentic state make this interior unique.


The appointment of the interior to a monumental status marks the start of the transformation of the entire house into a ‘writers-in-residence’ (hosted on the upper floors), with a reception room on the ground floor.


Spatially, the house is conceived as a stack of different spaces that transform, in terms of material and shape, from a monumental to an ephemeral character. The classic dark materials of the monumental ground floor are gradually replaced by abstract and light materials on the first floor and transparent and translucent materials on the second floor.


Simultaneously with the change of materials, the orientation changes on each floor. As a consequence, each floor has its own character, whilst remaining an integral part of of the house as a whole.

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Client: Private

Program: Cultural space, writers in residence

Area: 410 m2

Status: Building permit
Project Team: Jarrik Ouburg, Victor Verhagen, Studio Paulien Bremmer
Consultants: Brouwer & Kok Constructeurs, BBN Adviseurs, Restauration architect Laurens Vis, Historical research by Barbara van der Laan and Alexander Westra